you are cheap

you are cheap

Перевод "you are Cheap" на русский

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There are some people out there who are very cheap, and you may very well be someone like that indeed! But do you really know if you are? My quiz will tell you if you are or not! I know which one I am!

So come along, take my quiz and find out your spending habits! I know some people who don't watch what they spend, and I know some who are like hawks when it comes to their wallet! Why don't you find out for yourslelf!

Created by: Andrea

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Quiz topic: How Cheap am I?

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“I can finally marry you,” he told her, with smile like peach blossom shining in the garden, the spring color just pales in comparison.

But the man by the city gate tower keep yelling non-stop, “If you dare to marry him, I will make sure you die.”

Yet, until the last moment she realized her heart had selected him from the start.

Prince, You Are So Cheap Chapter 1

Prince, You Are So Cheap -

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The most *** [1] about life is when you are walking down the road, and sand got into your eyes.

After rubbing it away and you opened your eyes, you are stark naked in a completely unfamiliar place.

Extra emphasis on the UNFAMILIAR place, because it was a water bucket [2] .

Zhu WuXin looked at the rippling of fresh blood on the water surface, then looked at her awfully painful sore wrist.

Her hands start touching her skin-covered bone [3] skinny body in the water bucket, which is completely different with her previous figure.

In her heart, she let out a startled “Wah9rdquo; and jumped out from the water bucket.

At that moment, her foot slipped. Her straight ninety degree stance changed to dog eat sh*t pose as she face-planted herself on the floor.

If not that she raised her face when she slipped, her face will be out of shape.

Tearing a piece of table cloth, Zhu WuXin quickly use it to wrap around her wrist.

She looked around all 4 corners of the room, searching for clothes and mirror.

But, with the exception of the water bucket and a few curtain-like cloth, there’s nothing in the room.

Zhu WuXin stared at the water in the bucket and touched her face at least ten times, fuzzily trying to recognize her appearance.

The more she looked at her reflection, the stranger she felt.

And the more she touched herself, the more she felt the texture is wrong.

She can’t help but sigh helplessly towards the sky, “There are so many people in China, why must I be the only one to get chosen!”

Moreover, your mom’s v*gina![4] It’s enough already that I got chosen, why is it my life so bitter that I don’t even have any clothes to wear!

Since it’s not like she can brood in here forever, and Zhu WuXin’s strongest point is her adaptability skill is quite high, she torn a piece of the curtain-like cloth and casually draped it on her body before strolling out of the room.

But the moment she stepped out, the scene in front of her had her completely dumbfounded.

[1] : The word here was 牛逼. I googled it and people said it’s a curse word, which is quite similar to effing awesome or some exaggerating adjective.

[2] : The water bucket mentioned here is those big water bucket the ancient Chinese took bath in.

[3] : 皮包骨 – It means skinny, or thin.

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But is it just a joke? May be the culture difference to cause the misunderstanding.

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What happened exactly?

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But is it just a joke? May be the culture difference to cause the misunderstanding.

1. It means, as the others have said, stingy - someone who doesn't like to spend money. (An American meaning, I believe.)

2. It can also mean someone who is easily bought. "She's so cheap, she'd sleep with anyone for a rum and coke".

If she's working overtime for nothing, the meaning is 2.

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