tax homework help

tax homework help

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Please see attached file. I need help figuring out that personal tax return did not include the partnership income.

Here is the information for the tax return -- the return is attached. I just need help figuring out how to include the partnership income.

Emma Shire lives at 5258 Mountain Skies Road, College Park, MD 20742. She is a human resource manager at Clifford Company, 896 Western Avenue, College Park, MD 20742 (employer identification number XX-1111111). She is also a 50/50 partner in a local clothing boutique. Ms. Shireis divorced and has two small children, Kelly Shire (DOB 2/3/2012) and Jordan Shire (DOB 5/19/2006). Ms. Shire was born on January 14, 1976, and her Social Security number is 123-45-6789. She does not want to contribute $3 to the Presidential Election Campaign Fund.

The following information is shown on Ms. Shire's 2014 Wage and Tax Statement (Form W-2):

Line Description Amount

1 Wages, tips, other compensation

2 Federal income tax withheld

3 Social Security wages

4 Social Security tax withheld

5 Medicare wages and tips

6 Medicare tax withheld

15 State: Maryland

16 State wages, tips, etc.

17 State income tax withheld

 _Received interest of $1,750 from Maryland Federal Savings and Loan Association and $250 from Maryland State Bank. Each financial institution reported the interest income on a Form 1099-INT

 _Received qualified dividends of $600 from Blue Corporation, $750 from Green Corporation, and $368 from Orange Corporation. Each corporation reported dividend payments on a Form 1099-DIV.

 _Received child support of $15,000 during the year.

 _Received a $900 income tax refund from the state of Maryland on April 29, 2014.

 _Reported total itemized deductions of $10,200 on 2013 federal income tax return, which included $2,200 of state income tax withheld by her employer.

 _Received K-1 indicating her share of the clothing boutique's ordinary business income (loss) - Line 1 is $23,580. No guaranteed payments were made or dividends were received by the partnership.

 _Acquired 100 shares of Ace Corporation common stock for $30 a share on January 12, 2014. She sold the stock on December 19 for $55 a share.

 _Paid $1,300 for prescription medicines and $1,875 in physician and hospital bills. Medical insurance premiums were paid by her employer.

 _Paid real property taxes of $1,675 on her personal residence and interest on her home mortgage was $4,285, and interest paid to credit card companies totaled $360.

 _Contributed $25 each week to her church and $15 each week to United Way.

 _Paid $1,500 in estimated federal income taxes throughout the year.

This solution indicates where partner income is entered on IRS tax form 1040, and indicates which additional forms must be filed with IRS and which are attached to form 1040.

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Achieve Excellence in Taxes Through Experienced and Qualified Writers

Do you have any idea about taxes? During your course of accountancy you will get to know about taxation. Firstly, to study about tax will give you knowledge about what is tax. Our team is ready to offer you with simple explanation so that you can easily have a good grasp on subject. Taxes assignment help is designed in a manner that comes with step-by-step explanation for students.

The tax is a fee that is charged by government on different products, activity and income. In case of directly paid tax, that is usually applicable on personal or corporate income it is known as direct tax, but if the tax is charged on any goods or services, then it is called indirect tax.

Taxes assignment help will also give you knowledge about the purpose of taxation. The main objective of it is to manage the government expenditure. The important uses of taxes are to finance the public goods as well as services.

Different types of business taxes

Business need to remit different types of taxes, which you need to know. This will help you apply the knowledge in career:

It is the tax that is implemented by national government on the annual income.

It is a tax that the employer has to pay on behalf of employees based on wages of the workers. Mostly, the state and federal authorities are responsible for collecting the form of payroll tax.

While choosing the taxes assignment help you will also be aware of this type of business tax which is implemented by local or state government.

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Taxes homework help is supported by a model question and answer which can improve your assessment and can enhance the solving ability. Our learned and experienced staff is concerned about writing well on research paper and ensures to get best support so that you can manage all kind of problems.

In this fast-paced world, it is necessary to choose the best taxes homework help and we make sure that you receive the maximum benefit from us. Our quick and quality homework help service can ensure students to have a peaceful life. Our students can achieve good help from us:

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