shark contact number

shark contact number

Shark Steam Mops Customer Service Phone Number

Shark Steam Mops Customer Service Number Delineated Here With Complaints and Reviews

Ms. Mary Schmidt On Phone To Shark Steam Mops Service

I need a supervisor to give me a call, very important. The best time to call me is after 12:00 pm eastern standard time. I must speak to the supervisor on this matter. Thank You, Mary Schmidt

Ms. Pauline Zurovec On Phone To Shark Steam Mops Service

I bought a shark steam mop. The round circle handle BROKE off?This mop is about a year old, but only busted about ten times. Do you replace that handle part? I took a picture if needed. please get back to me at your earliest opportunity.

Ms. Nicole On Phone To Shark Steam Mops Service

There is not a store in green bay wi that sells the steam mop solution. When i just called shark the lady was so rude when i told her about this. She said there got to be a store in your area that sells it. Horrible customer service.

Ms. Lisa Wight On Phone To Shark Steam Mops Service

I bought my Shark Steam Mop from Wal-Mart in August of 2014. I have used it weekly with number issues until today. As I was mopping my wood floors(not aggressively) the handle snapped off. It broke where you push it in to create the steam, making it now un-usable. I'd like a replacement mop sent to me. Thank you.

I have purchased three steam mops from Shark and they are not "steaming". I do not have the money to keep buying stuff that wont work. My latest Sharkis the two in one Vac-Steam and it does not steam now Please help me. I have tried to unclog the steam hole by using vinegar and that did not work. I also have Shark Steam Mops model

Ms. Zoe Samiotakis On Phone To Shark Steam Mops Service

My vacuum has stop working due too faulty vacuum please contact me on 0410276754 too discuss i have only had it for two years.

Ms. Sheryl Hunter On Phone To Shark Steam Mops Service

First of all i want to say I love my Shark steam mop does a great job cleaning areas on my carpet and my kitchen floor. There is a problem though I noticed the Steam mop even though I do not over saturate or stay in one area to long it has taken the shiny finish off my hardwood floor in the kitchen. The floor is clean, but dull? I know it wasn't expensive stuff we got it at lowes and paid only around $300 to do the floor, but now the finish is gone?

Mr. David Mcginley On Phone To Shark Steam Mops Service

I can handle replacing sream mop twice because handle broke if too much pressure is applied. I can shake my head wondering why I purchased a product that emits steam and shrinks the all cotton mop so it no longer fits. I cant handle the fact that it does not steam when small square attachment is used and when I remove the attachment a solid stream of steam nearly hits my seven yr old grandson. This does not occur when using large attachment. I thought about posting a video on you tube or Facebook to warn consumers.

At the Greg Norman Company we value your opinion. We welcome your feedback and will be sure to address any inquiries you may have. Due to the abundance of email we receive, we can not guarantee to be able to answer each email individually, but we do our best. By submitting this form, you are consenting to receive emails from the Greg Norman Company, its affiliates or partners, as it pertains to your inquiry.

All Charity requests to Greg Norman must be on charity/event letterhead. Please include the date of the event, the contact person's full name (first and last name), phone number, email address, and physical mailing address (no P.O. Boxes). Please send all information to: The Greg Norman Company, Charity Request, 2041 Vista Parkway, Level 2, West Palm Beach, FL. 33411 .

Great White Shark Enterprises selects only a few charitable partners to channel available resources and Greg’s efforts, as this enables us to have the greatest impact. Therefore, we are only able to support a few of the many worthwhile charity requests we receive. With this in mind, please find below our Charity Request Guidelines:

  • Organizations seeking donations must be able to provide details that they meet the necessary standards for a charitable organization; in the U.S. they must be a registered 501(c) 3 non-profit.
  • Due to the abundance of charity donation requests we receive, we donate only once to charities that fall within our guidelines. This process enables us to reach out to a larger scope of charities to assist with their fundraising needs.
  • Please state the purpose for the request and how it will be used (i.e. fundraiser, auction, etc.)
  • All requests must include a direct contact person for the organization/group represented, email address, address and daytime phone number.
  • Requests must be received with a minimum of 45 days advance notice of the event. We receive an enormous volume of requests and must allow time for our Donations Committee to review each one.
  • No individual or personal requests will be considered.
  • We are unable to support advertising or sponsorship requests.

All fan mail requests to Greg Norman must be sent in writing along with a self addressed stamped envelope for an 8"x10" photo. Please include your first and last name (or the person's name you are requesting the photo for), email address, return address and send to: The Greg Norman Company, Fan Mail Request, 2041 Vista Parkway, Level 2, West Palm Beach, FL. 33411.

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