how to speech ideas for college students

how to speech ideas for college students

30 College Speech Topic Ideas For Higher Education

College speech topic inventory of logical action sequences for higher education students. All are broad and should be narrowed for a classroom speech. For example, Safe Sunbathing can be narrowed to persuasion on your personal tips on how to enjoy the sun safely on holidays:

Most and for all, read the higher education assignment rules and requirements very, very carefully. Do not take issues everyone will consider as overused.

Choose the one you like. When in doubt: ask friends or your public speaking professor.

First on the convincing level:

В 1. College education years are absolute not the best years of our life

В 2. Coping with anxiety in life

В 3. Dealing with loss and mourning grief

В 4. Honesty in college really matters

В 5. How to communicate effectively at our campus

В 6. How to cope with an autistic person

В 7. The international diplomatic circus

В 8. My motto: Learn from the past, prepare the future, and live present

В 9. Limiting the promotion of alcohol deminishes traffic casualities

10. My goals for the student council election

11. The pros or cons of organ donating

12. Safe sunbathing is a must in sunshine states

13. Sports football vs. soccer, or other sports for another college speech topic

14. Studying alone or studying with a group of college students?

15. Why skipping classes can isolate a student socially.

Informative higher education:

В 1. Ten rules for achieving successes

В 2. Cheesy pickup lines you should not stick on your vehicle

В 3. Funny awards and their meanings

В 4. High Tech industry job opportunities

В 5. Homesickness is not pose

В 6. How to boost confidence in public speaking

В 7. Handling your drunken roommate

В 8. How to stay in touch with old college mates

В 9. Money problems – this is a very hot college speech idea

10. Problem drinkers and the problems that occur

11. Human services in health care

12. The Free Speech Movement

13. Time management skills are no luxury these days

14. What I will do when I retire

15. Why movies are popular, or take one special movie that’s in and make a presentation of it.

1. Look in the education resources you have access to for surprising new bare facts and background data sheets.

2. And categorize the information in easy to do step by step instructions and logical educational action sequences.

3. Ask college classmates and peers for their opinions, thoughts, ideas and needs on the choosen college speech topic:

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How to speech ideas for college students

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Interesting Speech Topics for College Students

Published on Aug 05, 2016

Top Interesting Speech Topics for College Students

4) Nuclear Power

5) Are UFOs Real?

6) Airport Security

7) Smoking in Public

8) Bar Closing hours

9) Real Alien Sightings

10) Oil Drilling in Alaska

11) Reservation Casinos

12) Legalizing Marijuana

13) Legalizing Prostitution

14) Cosmetic Surgery Risks

15) Cross Culture Adoption

16) Why Do Men Have Affairs?

17) Why Is Reading Important?

18) Homelessness in America

19) Lowering the Drinking Age

20) General Education Classes

21) Online Dating is Risky or Safe

22) Speaking English in America

23) Having Pets Spayed/Neutered

24) Are Video Games Good for You?

25) Movie Ratings are Not Accurate

26) How Often Can You Donate Blood

27) College Class Attendance-Taking

28) Television Violence and Children

29) Control Your Life. the Yoga Way

30) Banning Smoking in Public Places

31) Ghosts are People Without Bodies

32) Public Funding of Sports Stadiums

33) How Much is Too Much Homework?

34) Help the Environment by Recycling

35) How to Set Goals and Achieve Them?

36) Dealing With Adolescent Depression

37) Should Juveniles Be Tried As Adults

38) Age Discrimination in the Workplace

39) The Power of Colors and Their Meanings

40) Nostradamus Predictions That Came True

41) Sports Teams Nafter Ethnic Groups

42) What Not to Wear Tips for Men and Women

43) Advantages of the Traditional Nuclear Family

44) Parental Pressure on Child Actors and Athletes

45) State Vehicle Inspection Mandatory Sentencing

51) Ocean Biomes

52) Foreign Policy

53) Ethnic Violence

54) Family Violence

55) Bioethical Issues

56) Fat Tax on Food

57) All About Tsunamis

58) Extinct Animals List

59) Flower Arrangement

60) Endangered Oceans

61) Endangered Species

62) Learning Martial Arts

63) Why the Titanic sank?

64) Black Holes in Space

65) How Do Clouds Form?

66) How to Prevent Stress

67) Human Cloning Benefits

68) What Makes a Rainbow

69) How to Handle a Bully

70) Peer Pressure Situations

71) Foreign Oil Dependence

72) Single Parenting Effects

73) Disaster Preparedness Kit

74) How to Swing A Golfclub

75) Internet Banking Security

76) Top Careers for the Future

77) Creative Photography Ideas

78) Tips for Time Management

79) Causes of Teenage Suicide

80) Peer Pressure in Teenagers

81) Safe Online Shopping Tips

82) Interesting Computer Facts

83) Top Social Networking Sites

84) Indoor Vegetable Gardening

85) How to be Happy Being Single

86) Adolescent Behavior Problems

87) Safety Tips for New Years Eve

88) How to Handle Difficult People

89) The Race for the White House

90) Professional baseball stadiums

91) Healthy Ways to Preserve Food

92) Seven Wonders of the World

93) Pros and Cons of Dual Citizenship

94) Reasons Why People Should Vote

95) Why is Internet Safety Important?

96) Importance of Computer Education

97) Getting a Passport for the First Time

98) Ozone Layer and Global Warming

99) The Harmful Effects of Plastic Bags

100) What is an Out Of Body Experience?

101) Do it Yourself Home Improvements

102) Subliminal Messages and Persuasion

103) Making Money Online for Beginners

104) Online Educational Computer Games

105) Why Conserving Energy is Important

106) Nanotechnology: Practical Applications

107) Characteristics of a Healthy Relationship

108) Description of Life in Another Country

109) History of A Type of Music, or A Musician

110) Charles Darwin: The Theory of Evolution

111) Teach American Sign Language Alphabet

112) Historical Events That Occurred on Your Speech Day

1. Placebo treatments should be used in medicine.

2. Nurses shouldn‟t be allowed to end lives of suffering patients.

3. Governments should encourage more men to become nurses.

4. Spouses shouldn‟t have the right to remove the feeding tubes (Terry Shiavo case).

5. More funding should be devoted to the prevention and treatment of Hepatitis C.

6. Elderly people should be allowed to have cardiac surgeries if they want to after they are informed on the potential risks.

7. Religion vs. medicine: Jehovah‟s Witnesses can‟t be induced to undergo treatment.

8. Vacuuming is critical for eliminating asthma triggers.

9. Proper pain management should be made available to everyone.

10. Understaffed hospitals can‟t be blamed for the lower quality of care.

How to speech ideas for college students

As college students are teenagers and always try to enjoy every moment of their study time with high enthusiasm, so they search moments for entertainment in every field. We all know, speech events are the most important part of extra-curricular activities in a college, so they are arranged on large scales means inter-colleges level. Here, only those colleges get success at such large forums that prepare their students at best level with proper training and very interesting topics. No doubt, the skill and presentation style of a speaker matters very much to win a prize. However, the most important condition to claim a speech, an award winning, is just that, it should be based on some very entertaining and interesting speech topic. More will be interesting the speech topic; more will be chances to get the prize. So if you are near to face such a speech competition event, here are some funny entertaining and interesting speech topics for college students.

1. How to be funny in front of an audience

2. Why we don't win the lottery.

3. How to photograph a puppy.

4. If I was my boss, then .

5. Why men are proud of themselves.

6. Why should I clean my room each day?

7. How to drive someone crazy

8. Things to do at home when you are extremely bored

9. Happy puppies make humans happy.

10. Funny holidays in other countries.

11. Things you wouldn't know without watching films.

12. Insults from famous people.

13. Marriage advice.

14. Office work rules up side down.

15. What not to say to a police officer when pulled over?

16. Funny Guinness World Records ever set by humans.

17. Funny names to call your friends or family

18. Top 5 biggest lies ever told by women

19. Funny computer terms and phrases.

20. Excuses for every occasion.

21. Lawyers and the truth.

22. Shopping guide for a man

23. How to be a charming host at any event.

24. How to deny reality.

25. Excuses to use to get out of work and not get caught.

Public Speaking Tips & Speech Topics

644 Good Persuasive Speech Topics

This page has 644 persuasive speech topic ideas for college students. Use this list as a last resort: you are much more likely to be successful when you choose a topic that genuinely interests you, rather than merely picking one from a list. Talking about something you know well makes it much easier and fun!

Our list is huge! It is by far the best list you will find online – both in terms of quantity and quality. We add and remove ideas weekly to keep it up-to-date. Some persuasive speech ideas have been done to death. They are tired and stale, and are not likely to excite you or your audience (think abortion, gun control, smoking, same-sex marriage). If you can’t find one on our persuasive speech topic list or persuasive essay list that grabs you, consider a newer and fresher topic, something unique and original.

Many timely persuasive speech topics can be found on radio, TV, your local newspaper, or your Facebook and Twitter feeds. We also have Argumentative (which is a persuasive topic as well, just on a controversial issue) and Policy topics. If you know of a cool topic, please send it to us and we will publish it on a page with fresh topics.

For persuasive essay topic ideas have a look at our list of Interesting Research Paper topics: these can be easily adapted for persuasive speeches.

List of Persuasive Speech Topics

Crafting a persuasive speech or writing a persuasive essay begins with picking the right topic. A good persuasive speech topic is one that you can use to grab the audience’s attention, inform and persuade, and provide a strong persuasive argument for adopting your point of view.

  1. Should more pets be adopted than bought from a breeder?
  2. Are pitbulls a vicious breed?
  3. Should a dog that has bitten somebody be executed?
  4. Should we tame wild animals like lions and sharks.
  5. Should battery farming still be legal?
  6. Should ‘factory farming’ be banned?
  7. Adopting pets is the best choice.
  8. How do puppy mills affect us?
  9. The benefits of having pets.
  10. Why cats make the perfect pet.
  11. Why all kids should have pets.
  12. Why snakes are good pets.
  13. Have your pet spayed or neutered.
  14. Why you should own a horse.
  15. Why should you own a dog?
  16. We need to protect dolphins better.
  17. Wild animals should stay wild.
  18. Why save endangered animals?
  19. People should be allowed to own exotic animals like tigers and monkeys.
  20. In order to save the orangutans, we should say “no” to palm oil.
  1. Should the public first learn how to drive a manual transmission before obtaining their license?
  2. Drivers should have to take three courses before getting a license.
  3. Should young children use booster seats in vehicles?
  4. Hands free cell phone use in cars should be promoted.
  5. Should the driving age be 14?
  6. The danger of texting and driving.
  7. Watch out for animals when driving.
  8. Why police should not chase a car.
  9. Why you should buy a Japanese car.
  10. Why sports cars are dangerous.
  11. Driving tests should be free.
  12. Share the road with bikes.
  1. Advertising has tons of mind games.
  2. Advertising standards should be higher.
  3. The importance of understanding niche marketing.
  4. Why introverts make good leaders.
  1. Do you think it would be fair for the government to detain suspected terrorists without proper trial?
  2. Should flag burning as a form of protest be prohibited?
  3. Should every day begin with a silent prayer at school?
  4. Why alcohol should be illegal.
  5. Prayer in schools should not be mandatory.
  1. People should not text while driving.
  2. Celebrities who break the law should receive stiffer penalties.
  3. Teachers should pass a basic exam every few years to renew their certification.
  4. Cities should offer free bike-sharing programs.
  5. People should eat less junk food.
  6. We should do more to end poverty and world hunger.
  7. We should value the elders in our society and learn from their wisdom.
  8. Money can’t buy love or happiness.
  9. Children should be offered incentives for doing right, rather than punishment for wrongdoing.
  10. More recycling should be encouraged.
  11. Alternative power is the answer to our energy crisis.
  1. Should products manufactured outside the U.S. come with an additional tax?
  2. Buy products that are made in the USA.
  3. Free trade agreements are bad for workers.
  4. The trade deficit with China is dangerous.
  5. The minimum wage should be increased.
  1. Teachers should have to pass a test of basic skills every decade to renew their certifications.
  2. Should free college tuition should be offered to poor children?
  3. Would it be better to introduce a set of skills tests for students, before they graduate high school?
  4. Do you believe that students who are responsible for cyberbullying should be expelled from school?
  5. Would it be better if high school students completed community service hours to graduate?
  6. Do you think elementary and high school students should be allowed to use cell phones at school?
  7. Should students have to be on the honor roll in order to play sports?
  8. Art and music programs in public schools are an essential part of education.
  9. Schools should have the right to search students’ personal property (backpacks, lockers, pockets) to fight drugs in schools.
  10. Do you think students should be allowed to listen to music during study hall?
  11. Should boys and girls have separate classrooms?
  12. Should schools sell soft drinks and candies to students?
  13. Should gym grades impact grade point average?
  14. Would it be better if schools with low test scores were closed?
  15. A psychological screening should be taken before you are admitted to college.
  16. Do you think it should be legal for students to drop out before they turn 18?
  17. Should schools have a mandatory life skills class?
  18. Should state colleges be free?
  19. Should notebook computers replace textbooks?
  20. Why we should support education in developing countries.
  21. Do you believe students who fail their classes should repeat the grade?
  22. Should minority groups be given priority when applying to colleges?
  23. Why Americans should not have to learn a foreign language.
  24. If you play a sport should you be required to take gym class?
  25. Why you should consider studying computer science.
  26. Universities should help students get a job after they graduate.
  27. Schools should teach both creationism and evolution.
  28. Should classes be based on periods of time or individual work?
  29. Do you think companies should be able to advertise in schools?
  30. Should students be able to go to the bathroom without asking?
  31. Should handwriting be taught in schools?
  32. Would it be better if schools started later in the morning?
  33. Do you think students should have open campus lunch breaks?
  34. Why we should be able to substitute study hall for a proper class.
  35. Should students be able to listen to music during classes?
  36. Schools should take students abroad.
  37. Should teachers be over a certain age?
  38. Should the teaching of multiple languages be mandatory?
  39. Should schools be more technologically advanced?
  40. Music education should be a priority in schools.
  41. Should students join Greek life on campus?
  42. Financial aid shouldn’t be based on income.
  43. Should home economics be required in all schools?
  44. Should Chinese classes be mandatory for students?
  45. Should Spanish classes be mandatory for students?
  46. SAT scores should affect college acceptance.
  47. Public schools are better than private schools.
  48. Should standardized testing be abolished?
  49. Studying abroad will benefit your future.
  50. Everyone has the right to education.
  51. Should students take the PARCC test?
  52. The importance of preparing children for kindergarten.
  53. Fifth graders should have study hall.
  54. The importance of higher education.
  55. We need more financial assistance for students.
  56. Don’t take education for granted.
  57. The school year should be longer.
  58. Why anime has educational value.
  59. Why college isn’t for everyone.
  60. Should children have homework?
  61. Students have too much work.
  62. Take a year off from school.
  63. Expand school breakfast programs.
  64. Tenure for professors should be protected.
  65. Minority scholarships should be increased.
  66. Alternative education should be increased.
  67. Education in prisons should be increased.
  68. Accelerated learning options should be increased.
  69. Educational costs should be lowered.
  70. Private schools should offer scholarships.
  71. School security needs to be improved.
  72. State lotteries should fund education.
  73. School violence can be prevented.
  74. Home schooling can be as high quality as going to school.
  75. Adult training programs should be improved.
  76. Every person should learn two or more languages.
  77. Is the oxford comma necessary?
  1. Should there be stricter laws for protecting endangered species?
  2. Should only native plants be grown in gardens?
  3. More people should carpool or use public transportation.
  4. Should the U.S. limit the use of natural resources?
  5. How pollution is negatively affecting humanity.
  6. We should use algae to make oil instead of drilling.
  7. Why hydraulic fracturing should be banned.
  8. Why we shouldn’t use disposable diapers.
  9. Hybrid cars are good for the environment.
  10. We should keep our community clean.
  11. The danger of ocean oil spills.
  12. Recycling should be mandatory.
  13. Why oil needs to be conserved.
  14. Why we should use reusable bags.
  15. Why palm oil should be banned.
  16. Ban mining in environmentally sensitive areas.
  17. Disposable diapers are hazardous to the environment.
  18. Environment is more important than genetics in determining how a person will turn out.
  19. The danger of oil drilling in Alaska.
  20. Fishing regulations are necessary to preserve the environment.
  21. Endangered species need protection.
  22. We need to invest more in alternative fuels.
  23. Endangered oceans deserve protection.
  24. We should strive for a paperless society.
  25. Conserve our global resources.
  26. Rain forests need to be protected.
  1. Do you think female construction workers should have the same salary as male construction workers?
  2. Should assisted suicide be legal for people who suffer from terminal illnesses?
  3. Do you think the death penalty is the best punishment for dangerous criminals?
  4. Should you base your perspective of people on stereotypes you have heard?
  5. Should product testing on animals or humans be allowed?
  6. Why you should not choose your child’s genetics.
  7. Are people morally obligated to help the poor?
  8. Female genital mutilation should be stopped.
  9. Is it ethical to eat meat?
  10. Wearing fur is unethical.
  1. Should underaged people be allowed to consume alcohol at home, with parental permission?
  2. Should children 13 or younger be allowed to watch music videos or music channels like MTV?
  3. Do you think those older than 13 should be allowed into R-rated movies?
  4. Should teenagers be allowed to purchase violent video games?
  5. Is it appropriate for children to watch horror movies?
  6. Those under 16 should not be allowed to date.
  7. Parental pressure on child actors and athletes is harmful.
  8. Why parents should not hit their children.
  9. Fairy tales are good for young children.
  10. Why kids should not play R rated games.
  11. Children should go to daycare.
  12. The importance of listening to your parents.
  13. Internet chat rooms are dangerous places for kids.
  14. Child abuse prevention efforts should be increased.
  15. Domestic abuse awareness should be increased.
  16. Should parents lie to their children about Santa?
  1. Why banks should ban hats and sunglasses to avoid robberies.
  2. Student loans should be forgiven.
  3. Reservation casinos are only beneficial if managed correctly.
  1. Genetically modified foods should be labeled.
  2. Do you believe companies who manufacture alcohol should be allowed to advertise on TV?
  3. Every child should learn to cook.
  4. Cooking should be taught in schools.
  5. Should we donate unused food from supermarkets?
  6. The history of added sugar in our food.
  7. We should all grow our own vegetables.
  8. Eat more fruits and vegetables.
  9. The promise of genetically engineered food.
  10. Why peanuts are amazing.
  11. Drink more orange juice.
  12. Why people should cook.
  13. Farmers’ markets should be increased.
  14. Eating organic is good for your health.
  15. Get artificial hormones out of food.

Humour is a fabulous way to get people’s attention. Below are questions and statement topics that can be used to get your points across on a variety of topics.

It is important to remember that there can be a fine line between funny and insulting. So use wit and make it fun without insulting your audience. This would be important to remember with a title like ‘The most dangerous animal out there is a silent woman’.

  1. Blondes are not as dumb as they look.
  2. Why funny pick-up lines work.
  3. Guys gossip more than girls do.
  4. You should not be Facebook friends with your mom.
  5. If things go wrong, your horoscope is to blame.
  6. Students should not have to do a persuasive speech in front of a large audience.
  7. Millennials should stop wearing spandex yoga pants all the time.
  8. Dads are more fun than moms.
  9. Argumentative essays are pointless.
  10. Shoes that don’t fit right are hazardous to your health.
  11. Some phrases you use to be funny but actually turn out to be boring.

Speech Ideas for Student Council Roles

Serving on your school's student council gives you a say in student activities and a voice with the school administration. It also looks good on college applications. However, to make it onto the student council, you'll first need to give a speech and gather votes from the other students.

Use these suggestions to help you craft a speech they'll never forget. It's important that you make sure your speech suits your school and position.

Many of you probably know me best for tripping over my feet and falling face first off the stage during prom. Once I got over that embarrassment, I decided I could face you here today.

From the first day I arrived at Sample High School, I knew I wanted to become more involved. From serving on the school newspaper as the Features Editor to helping plan prom last year, I consistently spend time in leadership roles and try to make this school an even better place than it already is.

Many of you probably know me from my work with Key Club and the volunteer time I've spent at Sunnyvale Nursing Home and cleaning up our community park.

Running for the Role of _______

It probably won't surprise you that I have decided to run for student council for the role of ___________. As student council _________ (role), I will strive to continue to make improvements in the school for every student here at Sample High.

I Understand and Can Do the Job

The student council works side-by-side with the student body and the administration to ensure student events throughout the year are successful. As _______, I will ensure that you have a memorable year.

Today, I am asking for your vote for _______. Should you elect me, I will listen to your concerns and work hard for you. Thank you.

Hello, my name is John Doe and I'm a junior. I'm not the type of student who will lead a senior prank or skip class with you, but that probably isn't what you want in a class president anyway. What I do offer is steadfastness, hard work and the ability to work with others even during difficult circumstances while still keeping a sense of humor.

Last year, when the cafeteria stopped serving the salad bar, I was able to get it reinstated by starting a petition, having many of you sign it and taking it to Principal Smith. Because we worked together, we were able to bring the salad bar back, and now it's better than ever.

During the last three years at Sample High School, I've been involved in many activities. I've played basketball, spent a short time in the school band, worked on various committees and helped tutor students after school. Last year, I was adopted into the National Honor Society and started an after school club for airplane enthusiasts that meets once a week.

As your student council president, I vow to end all homework. Just kidding. I can't do that, but what I can do is be your voice with the school administration and work to make this the best year Sample High has ever had. I will introduce ideas for events, such as a weekly sock hop after high school basketball games and we'll work together to help the community through volunteer work and showing them just how dedicated the students at Williams are.

I would appreciate your vote for president. If elected, I will continue to fight for the things that are important to students, no matter how big or small they might be. Let's work together to make our stamp on this community and on the world.

Instead of starting with my name and what I'm running for, at which point you'll tune me out and start looking at the smudge on your left shoe, I am going to tell you my favorite memory so far from high school. My first day at Sample High School, I had no idea how to get to my classes. This school is big, and I was lost.

On top of that, I was rushing around trying to find my class and tripped and fell flat on the floor in front of the cutest guy I'd ever seen. Not only was he nice enough to help me up, but several other students rushed to help me, got me to my classroom and made me feel better about how goofy I was.

That was the moment I fell in love with Sample High School. We all help each other and you don't find that just anywhere.

One of the reasons I'm running for Vice President for the student council is because I want to give back to the high school I love so much. I want to be that friendly face for new students coming in and a defender for students already here.

During the last two years, I've prepared myself to serve as Vice President by taking on extra work organizing a fan club for our football players to cheer them on when they play at home and make sure our school is represented in the stands at every away game. I've spent time as an office aid, learning about the everyday running of the school and silently taking notes on what we as students can do to improve things and how we can work with the administration.

As your Vice President, I will stand beside your president, offering support and stepping in when she is not able to be here or asks for some extra help. I'll sit on the student council and get actively involved in planning prom, graduation and homecoming. I will always be here to listen to your concerns or to help you off the floor should you fall flat on your face like I did.

I am asking for your vote for VP of the student council. I love this school, I want to be helpful and I want us all to build memories we'll remember and treasure forever. Now, if I can just get off this stage without falling on my face, I'll be in good shape.

Today, I want to tell you something about me that you might not know. From the time I was five years old, I've been taking guitar lessons. I don't play in a band and I don't take music classes at school, but every night when I get home, I pick up my Fender and I relieve any stress from the day by playing a few of my favorite classic rock songs.

Learning to play a musical instrument takes a lot of time and stubbornness. There are times when I just wanted to quit because my fingers were raw from trying to learn a new chord or that song just didn't sound right. However, I stuck with it until I overcame the challenge and that is exactly what I'll do as your secretary. If there is an issue that needs to be solved, I won't quit until we figure out a solution. I will bring your concerns to the other council members and like learning a new chord, I will stick with that concern until we figure it out.

I would like your vote for secretary of the student council. You never know, I may even bring my guitar to a student council meeting or two and just set it by my side as a reminder of why we need to work hard to achieve worthwhile things.

Hello fellow students and staff,

I don't like to brag, but I'm really good at math. I know, all of you who are really good at English hate me right now. However, if it makes you feel any better, English is really hard.

The student council treasurer is in charge of keeping track of money and numbers, so this role is a perfect fit for me and I've decided to run for the position.

I've been a member of Jackson High's Mathletes for the last two years. In case you're not familiar with this group, we are a group of students who love math and go out and compete in events. We've won state twice in the last three years.

I also am a member of the orchestra. We perform throughout the school year and at school basketball games.

The student council treasurer has to be good at math to keep track of all those numbers. Vote for me and I'll make sure our numbers add up. I'll also have fun doing it because I'm just crazy enough to love numbers.

Pulling from Different Samples

Another thing you can do is to pull the elements you most like from a number of different speeches. Perhaps you like the opening of one speech and the ending of another, for example. Below are some additional sample speeches to add to the selection of speeches above.

  • Student Council Representative Speech: This speech is more general in nature and could easily be adapted to fit almost any student council role you are running for.
  • Student Council Speech Templates and Instructions: Read through the tips for coming up with a stellar speech and then download the two speech templates. One has the theme of Cooperation and Trust and the other of Friendship and Belief.
  • Student Council Speeches for Different Events: Get several speech options, including for those exiting student council as well as those running for the first time.

Below is an example of a funny student council speech. The young lady, Daisy Thomas, doesn't mind poking fun at her school or herself, but it's all good-natured and you can tell she cares about her school. It's a short speech but follows the format of who she is, what she's running for, what she believes in, what she will do for the school and asking for her fellow students' votes.

While there are certain traits and promises the student body expects from every candidate's speech, they want to choose one person who stands out from the crowd. Make your speech the most memorable one in the room with these tricks and tips.

  • Grab a thesaurus and look for synonyms of common words used to describe the position you're running for. When all the other secretarial candidates talk about their attention to detail, you can use words like meticulous or assiduous to sound different.
  • Include visuals like props, a themed outfit, or specific hand gestures to give your speech a multidimensional feel.
  • Choose a speech theme to structure your presentation like a specific social media platform, a historical event, or a particular sport. Look for a theme that relates well to your desired position.
  • Invent a catchphrase that captures the spirit of your speech to keep the student body talking about it all the way to the polls.
  • Tailor a famous speech to make your points by changing a few choice words and keeping the most famous lines intact.
  • Add sound effects, song lyrics, or music to give the speech more life.

Whether you use one of the samples listed here or write an entirely new speech, be sure to put a personal touch on the speech. By focusing on what makes you unique, your passions and your skills, you will show confidence in front of your classmates and let them see a side of you they may not have seen before. Whether you win or lose the election, you can hold your head high and know you gave the speech your best.

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