example of narrative speech

example of narrative speech

Your first presentation will be a 4-5 minute narrative; a story of some kind which you will tell. This may be your own personal story or it may be about someone you know. You may use Power Point or not.

The main point is that you are talking about yourself. That is, your thoughts, feelings, ideas, views, opinions and events are the leading ladies in this special public speaking speech writing process. The primary goal of this type of informative public speaking is constructing a true or fictional story about yourself and make a point. That point can be a personal past or present experience, event, knowledge, a memorable person you have met or a moral lesson. Explore and reflect on your values and build up to a climax at the end of the narrative speech story. 1. A good place to start is with a memorable moment, situation, setting or scene. Try to catch it in one phrase: On Independence Day I … and then a verb. E.g. On Independence Day, I think, I want, I’m going, I was, I stated, and so on. After the verb, you can fill in every experience you want to share. 2. An incident in the previous 10 years or in your childhood that illustrates who you are. 3. The story behind a personal photograph or video.

4. Highlight a few of your typical behavior or characteristics. 5. Something you absolutely dislike or hate.

The Essay on Personal Narrative: Struggle for the American Dream

. formal dining room, living room, family room and my personal favorites the his and her baths and closets, the . out of town on business. Gradually it reached the point where I am now tutoring the kids. Now, . the prestigious Wilshire Corridor, to enormous two sometimes three-story houses in the heart of Beverly Hills. Each . would go to Bens house, which was 2 stories and about 6,000 sq.ft. The adults .

6. An exciting, interesting, inspiring, or funny experience or event that changed your life. 7. An important lesson you learned from someone you admire. This is a very classical narrative speech topic. 8. The moment in your life you see the light, or that was very insightful. 9. A fable or myth that has a moral lesson you try to live to. 10. The relation between a brief series of important milestones in your life that mould your character is also a catchy narrative speech topic.

NARRATIVE SPEECH TOPICS ABOUT EVENTS – An accident or positive event that changed my life. The birth of my brother, sister or other relative. My first day at High School or College. The decision I regret most. My Day of Graduation. My first serious date. A significant family event. A memorable vacation. A historical event that impressed me. The day I moved. A milestone that seemed bad but turned out to be good. My heroic sports moment. NARRATIVE SPEECH STORY ABOUT YOUR LIFE LESSONS – The influence of a special person on my behavior. How I have dealt with a difficult situation. What lessons I have learned through studying the genealogy of my family. A prejudice that involved me. An Eureka moment: you suddenly understood how something works in life you had been struggling with. How you helped someone else and what you learned from her or him, and from the situation. NARRATIVE SPEECH ABOUT YOUR EXPERIENCES – My most frustrating moment. How you handled in an emergency situation. How I break up with my love. A narrow escape. A moment when you did something that took a lot of courage.

A time when you choose to go your own way and did not follow the crowd. How I stood up for my beliefs. The day you rebelled with a decision concerning you. How you cope with your nerves recently. What happened when you had a disagreement with your teacher, this triggering narrative speech idea is great for speech class. NARRATIVE SPEECH TOPIC ABOUT YOUR RITUALS – How you usually prepare for a test. Your ritual before a sports game. Your ritual before going out with friends. The routines you always follow under certain circumstances. EXAMPLE NARRATIVE SPEECH TOPICS ABOUT YOUR IDENTITY – My act of heroism. How curiosity brings me where I am now. I daydream of … A place that stands for my romantic moments. My pet resembles my personal habits. A vivid childhood memory in which you can see how I would develop myself. Make a point by building to a climax at the end of your speech topic, whatever the narrative speech topics may be. TIPS FOR MAKING A NARRATIVE PRESENTATION

The Essay on Speech Class Topic Proposal

So did you know that the martial art disciplines Christie and Eddy are doing is called Capoeira. 2. 3 Indication Step (thesis statement): Capoeira is considered as a martial art discipline because it used for fighting, acrobatics, dancing, playing, and tradition. 2. Body 3. 4 Major point 1: Fighting, dancing, and tradition 3. 5. 1 Supporting detail: It is considered one of the most comprehensive .

1. Select carefully the story, lesson, moral, personal characteristic or experience you want to share with your audience. Perhaps your public speaking assignment have a time limit. This will force you to pick out one single significant story about yourself. 2. When you’ve selected the speech topics it is time to gather the material. Decide on the point you want to make and your most wanted response. What do you want your audience to remember? What is the purpose, point, goal, lesson or plot? Another way to determine your speech thesis is wondering why the audience might think your presentation is valuable or important. 3. Develop all the action and drama you need to visualize the plot: the main events, characters, relevant details, steps or dialogues.

4. Organize all text to speech in a strictly time ordered format. Make a story sequence. Relate a progression of events in a chronologically way. The audience will recognize this simple what I call a What Happened Speech Writing Outline, and can fully understand your goal. Another benefit: you will remember your key ideas better. 5. Build in transitions sentences, word or phrases, like the words then, after that, next, at this moment, etc. 6. Rehearse your narrative speech in front of a friend and ask opinions. Practice and practice again. Avoid memorizing your text to speech. When you’re able to tell it in a reasonably extemporaneous manner, it’s okay. 7. Finally, try to make eye contact with your listeners when you deliver the narrative speech.

A Framed Narrative Is a Story Within a Story ‘ a Hero of Our Time’

A framed narrative is a story within a story; within sometimes yet another story this structure leads the reader to question of the . page 18. This shows the narrator is interested in Pechorin life. Lermontov was a Russian poet, the way as which .

Reader A Valuable Lesson Myths Life Myth

. city. While this story is amusing, it teaches the reader a valuable lesson in life. The Trojans . had to write these myths at one point and when they did, they had . earth. Genesis tells of the story of Creation in seven days. Although this was widely .

Lessons of Life from The Odyssey

. They can teach very valuable lessons about life and many of the situations . own reactions to the events of their lives. A very good example . , Maximus is also at one point separated from his family, but when . he would get back some day. “I'm sure no .

A Moment In Your Life When You Took On A Great Challenge

. moment in your life when you took on a great challenge. What was the outcome? It was a rainy and windy day . and brothers. A year separates this event from today, but nothing has changed . tactics and strategy, from this moment I hardly thought, I acted .

A Moment in Your Life in Which You Experienced an Epiphany

. I finished my schooling in China. This speech describe that moment of my life that changed my vision, thinking and . behaviour towards foreigners. Life is based on morals, behaviours, .

The Most Embarrassing Moment In My Life

. think that we can avoid these embarrassing moments in our life. They are beyond our control as in . try to be happy. The most embarrassing moment in my life was when I went to school without . Human life is full of events and incidents. Some are good ones .

What are examples of a narrative speech?

An example of a narrative speech would be a speech where a speaker talks about the difficulty that they had in assimilating in the U.S. school system when the speaker's family immigrated from Russia. Another example would be a speech where a speaker talks about the difficulty in losing his or her pet to terminal cancer.

What are some written examples of rhetorical analysis?

How many words are in a 5-minute speech?

How does one write a thank you note for guest speakers?

A narrative speech is a speech that tells a story about a time in someone's life. It is a personal account and should be in narrative or story form. Narratives can also appear in other kinds of speeches to help make the speech more interesting and to support the points made in the speech.

The narrative speech is often used when the speaker needs to connect with an audience about their subject. Narrative speeches draw audiences in as they feel something in common with the speaker and can empathize with them. The story, however, should not feel forced and should not pander. A narrative speech that panders comes across as little more than begging and has a "feel sorry for me" tone that audiences are less likely to support.

The speech that detailed the speaker's difficulty in assimilating might be part of a speech for a charity event that works with immigrant children. The speech that detailed the speaker's difficulty in losing his pet might be for an organization that researches canine cancer.

Narrative Speech - Essay Example

As my family said goodbye during departure, I acknowledged that it would be difficult for them to visit due to the stringent immigration laws. Indeed, foreigners in the US are often mistaken as persons in search of opportunities to further their dreams; however, this is rarely the case. Indeed, I felt horrible that I was leaving my family behind. Nevertheless, I marveled at the chance of meeting new people. As I landed and exited from JFK, I noticed that the US was significantly developed as compared to my home country. The buzzing cars and skyscrapers were breathtaking; however, I began missing home since everything seemed different. Indeed, I was experiencing culture shock. I immediately bought a hot dog since I was hungry. Alas! I was already abandoning my culture since I devalue fast food.

As I settled down, I found a job and attended school; however, I miss big family. I realized that immigration distorts one’s culture since I am accustomed to fast foods; furthermore, I intend to look for additional jobs to keep up indicating that immigrants struggle for resources. In conclusion, it is clear that immigration is a social problem because it leads to loss of values and struggle for resources (Spijkerboer & Walsum . Show more

Naruto and Hinata: Example of Narrative Text with Direct Speech Feature

Narrative is often written by presenting conversation between the participants. The feature of conversations are using direct speech. Do you know how to make a direct speech from an indirect sentence?

I suppose you have known it. It is a basic grammar lesson. So don’t forget that direct indirect speech when you learn English. We are now giving you a story of Naruto and Hinata. That story is given with a lot of conversation. Read carfeully!

Expressing love is sometime not easy. Read how hard it is when Hinata and Naruto face the complication. Is an example of narrtive text

Naruto was walking alone in the Konoha village, he saw Hinata and waved to her. Fortunately

Hinata turned around and walked over to him.

“Hey, Hinata, would you like to take a walk with me?” Naruto asked smilingly but Hinata blushed and looked down, quiet for a second.

“Hm? What’s wrong?” Naruto ask looking at her.

“Oh! Um nothing Naruto kun. I… I love to.. walk with with you.” Hinata said shyly.

Naruto placed his hands behind his head and smiled. Hinata walked by him as the two were silent for a moment. “Hinata, why are you so quiet all the time?” Naruto broke the silent.

Hinata didnt answer, then hesitated, “….I…. I’ve… always… been… that way.” She said softly.

“I see. You need to talk more. How am I supposed to know more about you, if you don’t talk. You’re always acting weird around me.” Naruto pointed out.

Hinata looked at him shyly then looked down looking ashamed. “S…….sorry. I–”

“Hm?” Naruto replied not opening his mouth.

“I….. I l–li…..like y.. you!” She said finally committing her feelings. Her face blushed a deep red.

How to Write a Narrative Speech

The best way to understand the essence of writing narrative speeches is to analyze some good examples of them. Below, there is one of such speeches, written by a professional writer.

I do not like to look at the past and never will try to do it, unless I am specifically asked to reflect on my personal experience. Today I am standing here in front of you for the single reason – I was invited to share my experience of being in a critical situation and my way of dealing with stress.

I woke up early in the morning, already stressed by the fore coming eight-hour flight to New York to meet with the customer, who was extremely unsatisfied with the service, provided by our company. That is what I do not like about operations job in air Freight Company: someone sells non-existing service, than someone from customer service spoils everything and you have to fly to New York.

On the way to the airport I got into traffic jam and was almost late for the plane. Trying to check in, I was about to give up. In spite of all the obstacles, I finally landed in New York. The meeting had to be postponed due to the delay and we agreed to meet the next morning.

In the hotel restaurant I occasionally met my old friend and it was the only pleasant moment of the day. Completely stressed and tired, I told him my entire story and even forgot to be polite enough to ask him about his life.

As you may have guessed, next morning, when I opened the door of the meeting room I was warmly met by my old friend. He’d already heard the entire story and the meeting went fine. So, if you ask me how I deal with stress, probably the only comment I can say is that combination of luck with clumsiness is the best tool of dealing with it.

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