Best Fleshlight Honest Review: how to use, top10 flesh lights

The sex toy for men Fleshlight is a portable, concealable and stable masturbator for men. The patented gel inlay of Real Feel Super Skin gives an absolutely natural feeling.

The temptation is great to simply grab your Fleshlight and indulge in your lust. However, a few minutes of preparation can help you achieve a much more satisfying orgasm.

 Fleshlight Top 10 (by Overall Rating)

Place   Inner Canal Texture Overall Rating Link to Fleshlight Store
1st   Destroya Stoya – Destroya
2nd   Mini-Swallow Sex in a Can – Sukit Draft
3rd   Pilot (Mini-Destroya) Flight by Fleshlight
4th   Blade Fleshlight Blade
5th   Primal Fleshlight Girls EU (all)
6th   Frankenstein Fleshlight Freaks Frankenstein
7th   Gauntlet Jesse Jane – Gauntlet
8th   Crystal Fleshlight Ice – Crystal
9th   Alien Fleshlight Alien
10th   Swallow Fleshlight Girls (almost all)

Follow our tips on how to use your Fleshlight and experience an ejaculation that pulls the ground under your feet before it makes you speechless!

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How to use a Fleshlight

  1. Take the gel insert out of the plastic housing and place it in a basin with hot tap water or let hot water flow out of the tap for a minute.
  2. heat the gel insert to the desired temperature.
  3. pour out the excess water and put the insert back into the Fleshlight housing.
  4. Apply lubricant to your body, the opening and the internal channel of the liner. You may already be aroused by the introduction of your fingers rubbed with lubricant into the Fleshlight channel. We recommend the use of water-based lubricants from the Sliquid or ID Glide range.
  5. penetrate the Fleshlight and surrender to this lust-giver!

There are different positions and methods that you can try out with your Fleshlight for sensual experiences.

Fleshlight Top 10 (by Realism)

Place   Inner Canal Texture Realism Link to Fleshlight Store
1st   Texas Tornado Alexis Texas – Texas Tornado
2nd   Love Humps Teagan Presley – Love Humps
3rd   Wonder Wave Fleshlight Wonder Wave
4th   Mini-Lotus Build-Your-Own – Mini-Lotus
5th   Lotus Fleshlight Girls (all)
6th   Heavenly Jessica Drake – Heavenly
7th   Bump N Grind Misty Stone – Bump N Grind
8th   Super Tight Fleshlight – Super Tight
9th   Vortex Fleshlight Vortex / FL Girls EU
10th   Gauntlet Jesse Jane – Gauntlet

Lie on your back and move the Fleshlight up and down on your penis. Touch the glans of your penis with the Fleshlight opening before inserting the full length of your shaft.

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Place the flashlight under a cushion and penetrate with a partner as in missionary position. Use your arms to support the weight of your upper body when you bump.

Fix the Fleshlight with the Fleshlight Masturbator Shower Mount for fun in the bathroom. Or clamp the Fleshlight between the mattress and the frame of your bed or underneath your sofa cushions. Penetrate your knees into the Fleshlight without using your hands.

The “shoe method” is a way of using Fleshlights freehand. Insert the narrow end of the Fleshlight into a shoe and penetrate the device on a flat surface with a partner as in the missionary position.

Get caught up in a suction

Most customers like it when the narrow end cap is not removed during use, as it creates a pull-back pull. Use your hands to limit the airflow at the bottom of the device to increase the sensation.

Fleshlight Launch – the future of masturbation?

The Fleshlight Launch is a Fleshlight adapter, which can move the Fleshlight up and down the penis completely independently. This allows a completely freehand sextoy use and a completely new realistic blowjob experience.

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How does the Fleshlight Launch work?

The Fleshlight Launch has a tubular shape. Any Fleshlight model can be inserted into the tube and fixed with a short turn. Next, lubricate your penis and the inside of the pocket pussy generously with lubricant and put yourself in an erotic mood. When you’re ready, you can use your erect penis to penetrate the Fleshlight and Launch takes care of the rest.

How can the new Sextoy be used?

The speed of the Fleshlight’s up and down movement can be controlled manually via control panels on the Lustmuschi. The greatest strength of the new Fleshlight Launch, however, is the numerous interactive applications in which the stimulation movements are remotely controlled via Bluetooth.

The device can be connected to videos, games and webcams via Bluetooth. In addition, the fleshlight is fully compatible with a wide range of VR glasses, enabling completely new and incredibly realistic masturbation experiences.

There are many possible applications. As a partner for the launch project, the Fleshlight manufacturer brought the experts for interactive sextoys from Kiroo on board. For example, the Toy can help couples to survive longer separation phases, offers webcam girls numerous uses or can be used in conjunction with suitable videos from feelme. com and VR eyeglasses for incredibly realistic masturbation possibilities.

The action on the screen is translated directly into the corresponding stimulation movements of the sex game procession. So you’ll be directly involved in the plot on the screen and can experience your favorite pornography as if you were there live.

Where can I buy the Fleshlight Launch?

Fleshlight – you’ve probably heard of it before. With a Fleschlight you can you extremely well practice everything you learn in 10 steps of bed rocker training with me regarding ejaculation retardation.

Today you will learn how to practice the techniques against premature ejaculation (breathing techniques, shock techniques, PC muscle relaxation techniques, etc.) in the simplest and easiest way.

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This is a proven and effective way to learn to control ejaculation quickly.

Are you excited yet?

First of all, the problem. If you only use your hand when practicing and masturbating, the exercises will be of little or no use.

Because handwork is completely different from real sex, where the penis is completely surrounded by the vagina. The hand can never replace the vagina in life.

The good news is, a great sex toy can do it. The sextoy called “Fleshlight” can replace the vagina very well, so that you can practice with her. (It’s a realistic replica of a vagina).

To be precise, a Fleslight is almost irreplaceable for you if you want to practice the techniques of perseverance for a long time.

These Flashlight Girls will serve you faithfully.

There are all sorts of Fleshlight Girls, I think Jenna Haze is good?  But what you should avoid is the standard Fleshight “Pink Lady Original” -> it will eat the gel very much. So buy everything except the Pink Lady Original and STU unit. Here’s the Amazon link to the Fleshlight Girls you can get to practice.

By the way, if you want to buy the Fleshligt to train, then it doesn’t have to be the so-called “STU” Fleshligth – this is the version that has a special intensive inner surface, so that you can “train”. But it is absolutely not necessary to use a normal Fleshlight

Girl will do it too and is more realistic.


For the ladies, the vibrator is the Fleshlight for the men of creation. You can find out exactly what this is and how a man can satisfy himself with it here.

The sex toy business is booming: the range of sex toys today leaves nothing to be desired. For women there are vibrators in all imaginable shapes, colours and sizes and for men there are rubber vaginas? Those days are over. Nowadays, men prefer to stimulate their penis with the Fleshlight. But what exactly is that?

The Fleshlight is more discreetly designed than conventional rubber vaginas: the shape of the sex toy resembles a flashlight. That’s where the name “Fleshlight” comes from, because “flesh” means “meat” in German. Inside the hard plastic cover there is a very pleasant inner material called “Real-Feel-Super-Skin” (skin that feels real) for the glans.

Fleshlight: Various shapes

Similar to a dildo, the Fleshlight is available in completely different shapes and colours. The inner channels also differ from model to model and are available with different knob combinations, as well as in narrower and further versions.

The shape of the opening also differs: here the man can choose between “mouth”,”vagina”,”buttocks” and “anus”, which then have lips, labia or a rosette on the outside. There are also openings with vampire teeth or labia minora in the form of a bat.

For those who are keen on experimenting, there is also the so-called “Fleshlight Vibro”, which has three additional caves in the interior into which small vibration units can be inserted.

Satisfaction with the Fleshlight

Satisfaction with the Fleshlight is super easy. Simply put a lubricating gel into the inner canal and off you go: The man inserts his penis into the opening and moves the sextoy up and down.

An extended form of the Fleshlight is the acorn masturbator or acorn rotator, in which the man can insert his penis and then rotate. Depending on the model, there are different speed settings and different attachments with knobs, lamellas or soft rubber bristles.

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